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Upcoming Classes

The Enneagram supporting Trauma Resolution

w/ Renée Siegel

February 4, 2023

9 am-3 pm

This 6-hour workshop is presented by Renée Seigal, the co-author of Reclaiming You, a highly acclaimed book on the Enneagram and Trauma. This workshop is intended for counselors and caregivers who are working with trauma as the primary focus. 

Understand how the Enneagram can offer beneficial support for those seeking help healing from trauma. Learn how the Enneagram reveals information processing through the three centers of intelligence, body, heart, and head. You will examine how to intervene in the trauma cycle with specific approaches for each Enneagram type. The Enneagram informs best practices to offer support to calming the nervous system, aiding in trauma resolution.

Learning Objectives:
1. Understand the difference between challenges, stress, and trauma.
2. Understand how the nervous system is impacted by trauma and why specific traditional interventions do not work.
3. Identify vulnerabilities and resilience characteristics of the Enneagram types.
4. Learn about the 3M Triad approach to trauma resolution.

*Please do not register for this class if you are currently amid trauma; we do not want to trigger more trauma for you.*


Relationships and the Enneagram

March 4, 2023

9-11 am

Learn how you can improve your understanding of how you move in your relationships with understanding and compassion by working with the tool of the Enneagram.

(This class is intended for those with a working knowledge of the Enneagram and prior knowledge of your Enneagram type.)


Introduction to the Enneagram for Spiritual Formation

April 1, 2023

9 am - 12 pm

This class will give a broad overview of the Enneagram system and how it can be useful in developing spiritual practices that are most suited to you. By understanding your personal learning styles and strengths, it will be easier to develop a rhythm to help you grow in your connection to God, yourself, and others.

This class is being offered and underwritten by Holy Trinity Anglican Church, and all are welcome. $15 materials fee

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